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David Hockney at Malibu 
Friday, June 26, 2009, 07:38 PM - General
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If you have ever been to Malibu, California, you know Highway 1 goes right through Malibu, with the great Pacific Ocean at one side. In his book, That's the Way I See It, David Hockney features two pages (pp. 196-97) of some great paintings of the ocean at Malibu where he lived in his beach house:

Breakfast at Malibu, Sunday, 1989
A Bigger Wave, 1989
Green Tide, 1989
The Sea at Malibu, 1988

Also featured are three small plates of his Malibu beach house:

Malibu House, 1988
Beach House by Day, 1990
Beach House by Night, 1990

The colors of the plates in the book are phenomenal. He got the feel of the ocean, the waves, and the relaxed, cozy beach house just right. The curling waves and expanses of blue and green convey the wide open water. The paintings ooze charm and take you right to the shore.

Sally Porter
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Porter's Pi Sequence 
Saturday, June 20, 2009, 01:10 PM - General
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The painting, Pi Sequence, is part of the body of work I refer to as "the math paintings". Mathematics is the language of nature. Physical scientists use it to discover hidden knowledge. In mathematics, pi is a special identity associated with every circle. As a number, pi goes on into infinity. When we create circles, we can only create an approximation of a perfect circle, whose roundness will never reach completion. We can make circles for eternity, and never create the perfect circle; the perfect or ideal circle only exists in our consciousness.

This concept is visualized in Pi Sequence. Two stones, one white and one black, were used as models for the red and blue stones in the painting. The stones were chosen for their imperfect roundness. Their natural beauty is found in their imperfection. They do not assume to be the ideal. Objects in the physical universe can never be perfect. To portend perfection is false, and therefore not beautiful. Beauty is found by recognizing the object's true identity. The ability to recognize true identity comes as a result of searching and experience.

Sally Porter
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Van Gogh - My Dear (Part 4) - Vincent's Bedroom in Arles 
Sunday, June 14, 2009, 08:57 PM - General
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Van Gogh's painting of his Bedroom in Arles shows how a small, simple room can be the best refuge. The charm of the colors and the plain furnishings capture the viewer and give him or her pause to stop, look around, and experience this humble sanctuary. The straw seats of the chairs echo the fields outside the window. The precious paintings hang on the wall beside the single bed. The shaving mirror hangs next to the pitcher on the table for grooming in the morning, his reflection staring back. Only enough room for one, for him. But this is not a lonely place. It is empty of material excess and full of creative joy.

Sally Porter
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Porter's Purple Leaves  
Thursday, June 11, 2009, 02:03 PM - General
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My painting, Purple Leaves, is one expression of the emotional and perceptual experience of leaves as they exist in my consciousness. The painting depicts a variety of abstracted leaf shapes on a mostly covered green ground. Hints of white light appear throughout the painting in geometric and brushstroke shapes. The painting suggests multiple locations, depending on which section you are viewing. The upper right suggests a beach of leaves, complete with palm tree. The middle right area, with its geometric rectangular shapes, is a city on the water, surrounded by leaves.

The middle section of the painting shows the leaves, hanging like full clusters of grapes, in rich purples, the color of fine wine.

The left side of the painting draws from memories of my childhood backyard, where I played in the shade of two large maple trees and smelled the lilac bushes with their small, delicate lilac blooms.

My associations with leaves and the color purple are integrated in this work. The quality and contrast of the deep, red-purple hues, along with the cool purples and greens impart a feeling of rest in the shade on a summer day, with glimmers of light coming through the leaves.

This painting possesses the meta-expressionist qualities of beyond place and time, into the realm of ultimate reality.

Sally Porter
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Porter's Variations on Coleus  
Friday, June 5, 2009, 03:14 PM - General
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In music, one can play a variation on a melody. In a painting, one can paint a variation on a visual pattern. My painting,Variations on Coleus, is an example of this. I often enjoy looking specifically at Coleus leaves when visiting Inniswood Metro Gardens. The painting, Variations on Coleus, was inspired by the patterns created by the various leaf shapes, groupings, and the variations of reds, greens and yellows. Patterns are all around us in nature. This is beauty.

Sally Porter
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