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Picasso’s Woman with a Flower, 1932 
Friday, January 8, 2010, 03:45 PM - General
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Picasso’s Woman with a Flower, 1932, brings a smile to my face. He portrays her body as large, boulder-like shapes, stacked one upon the other. The full, rich red, blue and orange-yellow of these colored rocks provide a cheerful balance to her purple face and blond yellow ponytail. Her face is a cartoon on the surface of a gray rock. The squared neck is as sturdy as Arnold’s with its bold vertical yellow and gray stripes. She is youthful with hard-headed resolve.

Picasso treats her arms like two purple elephant trunks, her left holding the green twisting stem of an utterly plain flower, whose beauty simply does not compare with the woman’s.

The simple, large shapes contribute to the enjoyment of the great colors in this work. Even the background, black on the left and dark brown on the right, completely enhances the figure and flower.

Mouth open, she appears to be talking. Is she commenting on her flower? Picasso is laughing and so am I.

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