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Klimtís Tree of Life (1909) 
Tuesday, January 5, 2010, 11:38 AM - General
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Klimtís Tree of Life painting ensnares the viewer in its spiral boughs. This tree originated in the garden of Eden of Klimtís mind, combining the symbolic imagery which spoke to his spirit.

The black hawk sitting on the branches is Klimt himself, wrapped in his painterís smock, engulfed in the life giving process of artistic creation. The Egyptian inspired eyes seen budding from the branches are his own two eyes, the vital sense organs drinking in visual inspirations and pouring them out again onto the canvas, transformed by the alchemy of his artistic meditations.

The round and oval shapes on the trunk of the tree start out larger and decrease in size as they lead us up from the base of the tree into the thickets of serpentine spirals above. He has carpeted the ground beneath this tree with flowers of delight.

The natural world feeds our desire for beauty, providing raw fuel for the expression of the inner world of selective icons and birthing the intuitive insight of spirit and consciousness.

Sally Porter
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