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Wednesday, December 9, 2009, 09:28 AM - General
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I use the medium of paint to transcribe the intangible mysteries of being and reality which cannot be put into words. Pictures and images are an immediate spiritual way of communicating between artist and observer.

Painting is a way of knowing. In my process, I consider objects or symbols exploring the metaphysical concept, "What is reality?" The concepts of infinity, eternity, and unity, as well as beauty, spirit, and consciousness are present. As the image emerges, I allow the process of painting itself to influence choices of brushstroke, color, etc.

When the viewer chooses to engage in observing the work, he/she is participating in the creation of the artwork. All of the viewer's cultural, intellectual and spiritual/emotional knowledge create a viewing experience unique to the person. No two people will experience the painting in the same way.

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