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Picasso's The Old Guitarist 
Thursday, October 15, 2009, 08:04 AM - General
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Many thoughts come immediately to mind when viewing The Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso: the color blue, aging, death, mourning, music, poverty, disability. In viewing the painting, my first emotion is sadness. Because I do not enjoy feeling sad and because dwelling on sadness can be destructive, I look for qualities in the work which move me beyond the sadness into a place of appreciation and encouragement.

While it is true the old man is blind and sits in the street wearing his torn garment, head bent, you can tell he is involved in the act of listening. He is listening to the music which he himself is creating. By his age, we can assume he has been playing for many years and is likely a very accomplished musician. A tune played on acoustic strings by a skilled musician is very sweet.

And while he is engaged in the music, we are engaged in enjoyment of the color blue, a color he cannot see. He is privileged to use his skill of musicianship. We are privileged to see him perform.

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