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Klimt's The Large Poplar (1903) 
Sunday, September 20, 2009, 07:48 PM - General
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Gustav Klimt is known for the patterns and remarkable color in his paintings, as well as his ability to paint the human figure in a transcendant universal way. His painting The Large Poplar (1903) does not have any of the brilliant color or any human figures, but here he paints a picture of the spirit world using nature as medium.

On the right side of the picture, the huge poplar tree rises up out of the land, the foliage looking like a gigantic cloud of swarming bees reaching to heaven. Above the lonely landscape, a grey sky of roiling clouds holds the misty white spirits. The one on the left is a ghostly vision of one of his models. The spectre of a male face with a mustache looms a third of the way down the picture next to the swarm of bees/leaves, and a skull is visible between the male and female spectres.

The spirit images emerging from the painter's psyche are the true coming storm in this painting.

Sally Porter

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