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Klimt's Music (1901) 
Friday, July 31, 2009, 09:00 AM
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Gustav Klimt's 1901 woodcut titled Music (see, is a striking piece of art. In this composiiton, a woman in Romanesque style dress plucks a lyre. The bottom portion of the work are two simple fields of color, the orange dress against the yellow ground, almost completely devoid of line. In contrast, the upper part of the piece emphasizes the strings on the front of the instrument, the arabesques of fabric on her sleeve and the spiral ornamentation in her dark hair.

On the wall behind the musician is a scene depicting the lower half of a figure dressed in a tunic and a water jar. This subtle detail, along with the lioness adorning the lyre, adds exotic flavor.

The classical imagery of the musician depicted with the purity of large, flat shapes and colors juxtaposed with the curved lines of the lyre itself and the angular shape created by the instrument pressed against the figure have iconic impact.

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