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Bart Exposito & My New Work 
Saturday, July 25, 2009, 02:55 PM
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Bart Exposito, born in Texas & living in L.A., has a hard-edged graphic style comparable to Frank Stella's. You can view his work at Saatchi Online. The piece Cyclo is particulary compelling. Here is what that site has to say about Cyclo, "Exposito’s seamless painting style takes its lineage from 60s minimalism, where forms and materials were pared down to their bare essence. Exposito’s bold motifs draw from the aesthetic styles of this period, combining associations to hippy aspiration and retronostalgia with their contemporary revival as design elegance, suburban chic, and commodity glamour. In Cyclo, Exposito’s curved pattern beacons with the simplified and understated power of a type-font, referencing both the subtle beauty of calligraphic contour, and the indistinction between – and complete conjugation of – form and content."

Visually, the new pieces I am currently working on have something in common with Stella's and Exposito's work regarding form, but I go on to say something more. My works are based on incorporating pure pattern, as in pattern from a pattern and decoration book, but I am addressing content as the "idea" or "essence" of leaves. Passages about the brushstroke are conjoined with flat areas of paint. More updates to come.

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