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Paul Klee's City Picture with Red and Green Accents (1921) 
Friday, July 24, 2009, 09:40 AM - General
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Paul Klee's City Picture with Red and Green Accents makes me think of family and rural life in Ohio. Even though I have always lived in the city, my family and I have gone on many excursions in the country, passing through on the way to a day trip in another city, to a camp out or to visit relatives living in the country. His red, white and dark blue make me think of patriotism and American flags flying in the front of farm houses dotting the country side. The sky blue and light green patches are open fields of green cornstalks, and the vertical pointed shapes are silos and chimneys.

His quilt-like arrangement of shapes on the gauze support also bring thoughts of domesticity to mind. Having grown up in this bucolic state, I have attended many state fairs where beautiful handmade quilts are on display. The quilts are soft and non-pretentious, beautiful in a comforting way, like this painting.

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