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Thursday, June 11, 2009, 02:03 PM - General
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My painting, Purple Leaves, is one expression of the emotional and perceptual experience of leaves as they exist in my consciousness. The painting depicts a variety of abstracted leaf shapes on a mostly covered green ground. Hints of white light appear throughout the painting in geometric and brushstroke shapes. The painting suggests multiple locations, depending on which section you are viewing. The upper right suggests a beach of leaves, complete with palm tree. The middle right area, with its geometric rectangular shapes, is a city on the water, surrounded by leaves.

The middle section of the painting shows the leaves, hanging like full clusters of grapes, in rich purples, the color of fine wine.

The left side of the painting draws from memories of my childhood backyard, where I played in the shade of two large maple trees and smelled the lilac bushes with their small, delicate lilac blooms.

My associations with leaves and the color purple are integrated in this work. The quality and contrast of the deep, red-purple hues, along with the cool purples and greens impart a feeling of rest in the shade on a summer day, with glimmers of light coming through the leaves.

This painting possesses the meta-expressionist qualities of beyond place and time, into the realm of ultimate reality.

Sally Porter
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