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That's the way I see it by David Hockney 
Friday, May 8, 2009, 05:18 PM - General
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That's the way I see it by David Hockney is a wonderful book. His writing style is very personal, open and free. He shares his deepest emotions on life, painting and his art. You get a sense of really knowing him when you finish the book. He comes off as both wise and kind, as well as a great painter.

In chapter 4, one of the best chapters, he discusses "How/What You Represent" and "Painting Versus Theory", as well as his experience of the death of his father. There is an ink drawing of his mother on page 135 that inspired me to draw a picture of my own father. In chapter 5, he goes on to talk about "The End of Positivism" and his own interest in the metaphysical.

The specific works selected for this book are not my very favorite Hockneys, but the text is excellent.

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