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Porter's 109 Degrees & Klee's Ancient Sound, Abstract on Black  
Thursday, March 12, 2009, 07:31 AM - General
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My painting, entitled 109 Degrees, was strongly influenced by Paul Klee's paintings of squares. As a musician, he was aware of the mathematical base of musical harmony,discovered by the ancient Greeks. In Ancient Sound, Abstract on Black, he chose to cover his canvas in squares as a reference to this base and associate it with the music of color.

Similarly, my images in 109 Degrees are a metaphor for the underlying harmony and order of the natural world, represented here by the bee and the honeycomb. The squares in Klee's canvas have been replaced by hexagons in mine. In my painting, a large bee hovering over an orange field of hexagonal honeycomb dominates the canvas.

The bee is about to dive upon a geometrical flower-type, composed of six circles surrounding a central circle of the same size. Black lines, drawn between the circles, extend outward, emphasizing the geometrical abstract nature of this blossom. The flower-type is present as a reference to the origins of the hexagon. It always takes six circles to surround one circle, given the circles are of the same size.

Upon further examination, you notice the number 109 degrees 28 seconds in the open area at the top of the picture. This is an angle measurement. The second number, 70 degrees 32 seconds, represents the complementary angle measurement, which when added to the first, equals 180 degrees or the measure of a straight line. The open area represents the unnameable, higher order of reality where the concept of number and line originate.

The bee can be read as an archetype of all living things, carrying out its daily existence oblivious to the underlying order which supports existence itself.

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