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Plato's Reptilian Form 
Saturday, February 28, 2009, 12:58 PM - General
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Patterns are all around us. They often go unnoticed or ignored. Plato's Reptilian Form is an image whose central character is a Red-eared Slider turtle. I used to have one of these turtles as a pet when I was a child. It was very docile, and I would hold it in the palm of my hand admiring how cute it was.

In the painting, opposite the turtle, is a tiny Komodo Dragon. In nature, Komodo Dragons are usually 8 feet long and have very sharp teeth. They don't mind feeding on humans, and they are very fast runners. In Plato's Reptilian Form, however, the dragon has been shrunk down to size so that the turtle is in control of this meeting. Fear is vanquished. The slider stares down the dragon in a perpetual standoff. Next to the turtle's foot is a mathematical function, f(x)=2, stating both of these animals are expressions of an underlying order.

The reptiles can be read as metaphors for people and controntation of fear. In any confrontation, minimizing the perception of aggression diminishes its power. Look for similarities rather than differences.

Extending the reptilian theme, the marks and shadows in the sand are those of another reptile, the crocodile. Nature is connected, and these connections resonate in the environment.

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