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Thursday, February 26, 2009, 10:02 AM - General
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Paintings, like sixties fashions, can become victims locked into a specific time period. Fashions come and go, and fads in painting come and go. The greatest artistic creations rise above fads into the realm of timelessness. The herd mentality produces fad art. When a painter listens to the self, a process begins which allows freedom to create outside the box.

We are always a product of our times. We cannot escape being creatures of culture, but it is possible to reach outside that boundary. The perimeter of the boundary lies inside the conscious mind. One must look in, not out, to engage this process.

Acquisition of knowledge across disciplines is also important to creating timeless art. Knowledge decreases narrow minded thinking, introducing the pattern of growth and expansion. Knowledge acquired through independent study following one's natural inclinations can be the most powerful.

Knowledge and introspection give power to the artist to manipulate images, etc. for the purpose of creation.

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