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Portrait of a Lady (1894) by Gustav Klimt 
Tuesday, February 24, 2009, 08:04 AM - General
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Portrait of a Lady (1894) by Gustav Klimt is a very delicate, understated work. The lighting on her face is soft. Her hair is treated softly. The eyes have a slight downward cast. She neither smiles nor frowns. The slight blush of her cheek and tinted lips provide hints of color on a subdued canvas of mostly browns. She sits and thinks while the painter paints.

Notice the slight decoration of her jewelry and on the wall behind. Klimt gives the gem on her ear lobe a subdued sparkle, and the pearl dangles below, suspended, glowing with a soft lustre. Her necklace is composed of multiple rows of tiny beads or shells. Again, there is the soft sheen of the light reflected off the delicate jewerlry. On the wall behind are delicate daisy-like flowers with thin, curly spiral leaves.

Klimt is holding back, and in the understatement, reveals more. He has only started down the path to the full, lush patterning which adorn his mature canvases.

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