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Weeping Woman (1937) 
Sunday, February 15, 2009, 10:54 AM - General
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Picasso's Weeping Woman (1937) doesn't seem too sad to me. The background is filled with susnshine yellow stripes.Yes, she's holding the handkerchief up to daub her eyes and a tear is rolling out of her left eye, but she's too well groomed to appear extremely distraught. Every hair is in place. Including her bangs. The hair looks like it was raked by a Zen Buddhist monk. Her long eyelashes must have at least four coats of mascara. Her right ear appears as a decorative earring.

Then, there's the hat. The beautiful scarlet red hat, topped with a lovely blue flower. She is also wearing a long sleeved fancy suit jacket. Looking closely at the mouth, I can almost hear the boohooing indicated by the lines coming forth from the open teeth. Is she sitting in court on the witness stand, performing her carefully rehearsed sob story for the judge?

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