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Picasso's La Vie (Life) 
Wednesday, February 4, 2009, 04:55 PM - General
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Picasso's painting La Vie (Life), 1903, is touching. From his blue period, the color and positions of the figures suggest both sorrow and looking to others for comfort from despair. The figures painted on the wall in the back are just as intriguing as the figures in the foreground. Is this a cave? The light in the room is dim. Why are they crying or seeming in despair? The figures at the top comfort one another in an embrace to say everything will be alright.

In the foreground, the mother figure on the right holds her sleeping infant. Even through her grim expression, she must be comforted by the warm baby she holds so close.

The lack of shoes and unclothed figures make you feel the cold reality of their existence, and yet they have each other.

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